CyanmasterTube (Yooco version) has been shut down...

Hello there everyone! it's CJSL2018, or You can call me, Cyanmaster.

and Today, We have a new announcement about CyanmasterTube (Yooco version) website. so yeah, CyanmasterTube (Yooco version) has been shut down, due to the site that doesn't look like an Old YouTube, it looks like a Yooco Version.

But do not worry, You can still use CyanmasterTube as a new website, it's called "CyanTube". The link is

it's a website that you can upload videos, favorite videos and the site looks like an Old YouTube from 2005. You can sign up to the new website and use this website! We suggest you to reupload all of your old videos from CyanmasterTube (Yooco Version). So please create an account and use this new site!

We won't use Yooco sites anymore, cause Yooco is now dead and has not been updated for years, but Bubble is not dead at all, cause the site has new updates in 2021, let's just move to the new CyanTube site and uploading good content to the site, if you're not using the new site, that's okay. CyanTube was created back in Jan 7th 2020

We're gonna say hello to the New CyanTube site! (November 9th 2021 - Present):

Goodbye to the Yooco version of CyanTube (Jan 7th 2020 - November 11st 2021):

the New CyanTube will NOT shut down anymore, it stays forever! You can still use CyanTube forever!

- CJSL2018, the Owner of CyanTube