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It's Okay If You Don't Want To Join, Join If You Want To.
Created: Jan 9th, 2021
My new Group, Click here to Join Today!
Created: Jan 4th, 2021
Join my best group!
Created: Jan 3rd, 2021
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To create your own group, you must submit the request by posting a comment.

1. What's your group name?

2. What's your description group?

3. What's your avatar group? (Send the link of the avatar or send the image of the avatar.)

Post a comment, we will accept your request to create your own group.


Okay create mine:

Group Name is:
Blumaster's Universe
Group Description is:
My new Group, Click here to Join Today!
My Avatar URL: 023a79a4bf07d652977973f4c29f01cc.jpg
just copy image url/paste it in the image box :)